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  • ​​​​​What is Live Edge and "Art by Nature"? Decor Direct's live edge slab wood tables are unique works of functional art. One of the elements that shows off the nature of our solid wood tables is the natural or live edge. The difference between live edge and straight edge is that a live edge slab shows off the natural outer part of the slice of tree. After the bark is removed, we preserve the organic look to the slab by leaving the natural edge of the tree intact. Straight edge is when we cut the live edge off to have a "perfect" line.  Our craftsmen make use of the Nakashima style butterfly joinery as well as other joinery for both stability and decorative elements.
  • Custom Construction and Finishes. Our slab tables are available in any color or stain finish a client chooses.  In addition to natural finish, which showcases the innate color of the wood, some of the on trend colors are cappuccino brown-grey, "fossil" which is a burnt grey, or our beautiful "Siesta Key Sand" stain which gives the wood a beautiful creamy-grey coloration.  All of our slab furniture is finished to best accentuate the slab's wood grain and coloration. Once the appropriate color is achiever, the wood is finished with layers of protection, whether with hand rubbed finishes such as wax or oil, or finished with more robust lacquers and varnishes. 
  • Legs for your Live Edge Slab Table: We carry a wide assortment of table bases, and legs, including wood chunks and pedestal bases, modern u shape legs in metals use as stainless steel and iron, as well as matching live edge slab wood legs.  We also offer different sizes and heights, for everything from coffee table legs, to desks and consoles, dining table legs as well as pub height and bar height legs. Each one is chosen to complement the look and feel of the slab top. We also carry unique vintage and antique bases, such as salvaged industrial crank bases that permit the tables to be adjusted in height.
  • Natural Slab and Chunk Furniture. We have an incredible selection of hard to find large scale logs and live edge slab chunks. Perfect for TV consoles, entryway tables, dining and bar tables, or sculptural art! Be inspired by a diversity of sizes and colors in our natural chunky wood furniture. Some show dramatic color variations in the wood grain texture and intricate form for a stunning focal point. Choose from small end table sizes to chunks over 10 feet long!
  • Live Edge Slab Wood Functional Art. To create our slab art, we mount slabs and chunks of wood on pedestals for display. We have a range from small to large sizes--available already mounted or buy one that isn't mounted to create your own artistic vision! Each piece is unique, rare, and elegant.  We also fabricate smaller pieces for use in groupings of wall art, as well as for use as charcuterie boards, for mirror frames and other artistic endeavors.
  • Species We Carry Include: Black walnut, Cypress, Pecky Cypress, Cedar, Oak, Hickory, Pecan, Pine, Teak, Tropical Hardwoods, Monkey Pod, Acacia, Perota, Ipe.  All of our woods are sustainable.  Nothing is plantation grown or newly felled.  We don't cut down trees! (selection changes daily)

We carry live edge slab dining tables, slab bar tables, natural wood consoles, slab desks, slab wood twist pedestals, slab conference tables, slab coffee tables, and live edge slab art. Decor Direct has the largest selection of slab wood furniture in Sarasota and in fact in all of Florida!  All of our slab furniture is hand crafted one piece at a time--each is one of a kind.  Photos here show samples of tables made for prior clients and installations.

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Looking for live edge slab wood furniture and tables? Decor Direct Wholesale Warehouse has become viewed as the authority in high end sustainable slab wood furniture among architects, interior designers, stylists and celebrities around the world. With raw or natural edge slabs in stock from small to huge (medium to us is full slabs 4 feet wide and 10 feet long, large is 6 feet wide and 18 feet long) full slabs over 5" thick, we have quality materials ready for commercial and residential projects of the largest scale. 

Our unique designs have been featured on national television on series such as "Insane Pools: Off the Deep End". Decor Direct Wholesale Warehouse has also won design accolades from top furniture industry insiders, such as "Home Accents Today", which awarded Decor Direct as one of the Top 50 Furniture Sources in the US for the year 2017.

​​With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in custom and high quality natural edge slab & wood root furniture.  We serve the architecture, design and hospitality communities, as well as the public. We design and custom fabricate our products from our design studio and fabrication warehouses in Sarasota. Being able to create unique designs locally allows us to be responsive to clients' specific design aesthetics and choices. We can provide authentic premium quality designer furniture using sustainable materials at guaranteed best prices.

We are also able to custom order with no required minimums. Due to a high demand for custom orders, we suggest you visit the design warehouse to place your custom orders well in advance of your installation date.  Raw, Unfinished Live Edge Wood Slabs: We also carry rough cut live edge slabs of an ever changing varieties of species of wood, including such favorites as Black Walnut Slabs, Mesquite Slabs, California Redwood Wood Slabs, Oak Wood Slabs, Hickory Wood Slabs, Pecan Wood Slabs, Cypress and Aromatic Cedar wood slabs for fabricators who would like to finish their own custom fabrication projects!​​​​​ As on our other merchandise, selection changes daily.  

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