Decor Direct Wholesale Warehouse is participating in the 2017 National Reuse Contest sponsored by The Reuse People of America! We believe in reclaiming, repurposing, restoring, and reusing architectural salvage and materials to transform them into something new and modern for all of your building, remodeling, art, and furniture projects! Read more...

National ReUse Contest 2017 Participant

Why Buy Eco Friendly Furniture?

At Decor Direct Wholesale Warehouse, sustainable furniture isn't a fad.It's a commitment that goes back to the 1980's. We have been offering sustainably crafted furniture for decades, well before the word "sustainable" was in the popular lexicon. 

One reason we are headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, is because of the regions' focus on the arts and environmental awareness. Sarasota is home to Florida House Learning Center, national players in the sustainable building industry, trend setting and award winning LEED certified architects, historical homes from the 1800's to the 1920's boom that were built to stay cool in our warm climate, and many green initiatives.  Our area is focused on sustainability to balance the demands placed on our communities by rapid growth, in-migration and development.

So if you’re a resident in an eco friendly city, why not have eco friendly furniture in your home? And we are out to prove there’s not a finer eco friendly artisan furniture source to shop for green furniture than at Decor Direct Wholesale Warehouse!

At Decor Direct Wholesale Warehouse, we believe materials matter.  Why use up water and land to grow new wood when there is an amazing variety of salvaged woods that are accessible?  
Our reclaimed wood had another life before it became your live edge slab dining table, chair, or rustic table, buffet or side table besides just coming straight from a tree. If you head to your local furniture chain or big box store, you’re going to find a lot of MDF and particleboard.   We, on the other hand, focus on woods that are either reclaimed, recycled or salvaged from old structures, pieces of furniture, tools and equipment.  We do not use plantation-woods that are young and softer by their nature.  

Welcome Artisans! At Decor Direct Wholesale Warehouse, you'll find salvaged lumber and live edge slabs right on site for your fabrication projects.  At Decor Direct Wholesale Warehouse, you'll find salvaged lumber and slabs as well as the finished wood furniture.  You can buy the materials and build the furniture yourself. 

Think the furniture store chains are environmentally conscious? Overall, they are not there yet, despite strides made by the industry.  When a chain buys their furniture from a third party, or middleman, and then store it in a giant warehouse until they need it, one piece of furniture is being moved many times before it arrives to your project or home. The energy consumed by the warehouses and the trucks are not insignificant. A lot of extra packaging is used up, since the furniture is going to be moved a lot. So even furniture touted as made from some recycled products may not be exactly eco friendly or sustainable. 

We are Decor "Direct" Wholesale Warehouse, and our way is in fact truly Direct. We design, craft and sell direct.  In fact, much of our new furniture is custom crafted right on site from locally sourced materials.  We also buy furniture directly from other artisans who create it. At every step, we seek to be sustainable, from reducing and recycling packaging to acting as a hub and incubator for recycling materials.  

Do you want to sell your salvaged materials to us?  Knocking down an old barn, have some old metal industrial salvage, or doing remodeling on a house or other structure?  We will be the conduit to keep your salvage out of the landfill and put it to good use!  Follow the instructions on our "Sell to Us" Page.