Live Edge Slab Wood Tables

Natural Slab & Chunk Furniture

Great as a console table or wood dining table with a glass top. Be inspired by a diversity of sizes and colors in our natural chunky wood. Some show dramatic color variations in the grain and will really be the focal point.  Others are uniform in color and simple in form. 

Live Edge Slab Desks 

Many of our natural wood slabs are in sizes appropriate for either a desk or a conference table, small scale dining table or even a long bar. This rustic slab table with bark left on the legs makes an impressive statement as a slab conference table.

Slab Wood Functional Art

Decor Direct has a great selection of hard to find large scale functional slab art, in sizes up to 8 and 10 feet tall.  We mount slabs and chunks of wood on pedestals for display.   Each one is unique.  Rare and elegant, but still casual enough for a tropical garden  

Quality Construction & Finish

Our slab furniture is hand crafted one piece at a time.  No two pieces are alike.  Our craftsmen make use of Nakashima style butterfly joinery both for the stability of your slab, and also as a decorative element using contrasting wood grain.

Variety of Slab Table Legs

We carry slab tables with all styles of legs, including stainless steel legs, other metal legs, wood slab legs, contrasting color legs and all sizes of post legs.  Each one is chosen to complement the look and feel of the slab top.

Art by Nature: Decor Direct Slabs

We don't mass produce 20 of the same table.  Decor Direct's slab tables are unique works of art.  Some of our slabs highlight natural openings in the tree slice.  We like to call this "Art by Nature". For your commercial and residential needs, choose from remarkable slab tables that will have lasting impact.   

Slab Wood Tables & Furniture

Looking for functional art?  Decor Direct's reclaimed wood furniture offers a nice variety of sinuous and sexy slab dining tables. slab bar tables, natural wood consoles, MCM style rustic wood pieces and slab art. Reclaimed and sustainable! 

Live Edge Slab Dining Tables

Decor Direct offers both straight and live edge slab dining tables.  The live edge shows off the natural outer part of the slice of tree.  After the bark is removed, we preserve the organic look to the slab by leaving the natural edge of the tree intact.