At Decor Direct Wholesale Warehouse, you'll find a wide variety of live edge wood slabs that have been crosscut from the tree.  This crosscut results in a round, oval or irregular round slab, depending on the shape of the tree itself. This style of live edge slab is also called a "disc", "slice", "cross-cut" or a "cookie". Round and oval slabs in dining table sizes are often are 3" to 5" thick, with lots of graining, movement and interesting formations in the wood. Our cross cut slabs have great character, and some are left very rustic and true to the natural shape of the outer edge of the tree, while others have been trimmed into neat rounds. As on our other slabs, we often make use of joinery such as Nakashima style butterfly joints, railroad style joinery to cover voids and add interest and useable space to your table . 

Round Live Edge Slab Dining Tables