Tiki Huts & Daybeds 

Our sustainably created tiki huts and daybeds are perfect for any Florida home or business! They make for a great place to hang out on warm Spring days without the worry of getting a sunburn!

Live Edge Slab 

Want a piece of furniture for your covered lanai or balcony that will stand out from typical patio sets? Our Live Edge Slabs will put all other outdoor furniture to shame!

Outdoor Furniture: Artisan Crafted 

Rustic Teak Plank Tables 

Many of our natural teak wood tables combine rustic wood with more decorative treatments and designs, like this diamond pattern table top. 

Reclaimed Teak Consoles

Decor Direct has a great selection of hard to find large scale reclaimed chunky consoles. Each one has an organic shape that the artisan adds to with finishes, joinery. On this pieces, rustic areas are combined with smoothed parts for a dramatic twist.

Old Teak Tools Become Art

This reclaimed teak cog was originally incorporated in a productive piece of industrial equipment, such as a grain grinder or water wheel.  Decor Direct take these old pieces and makes them into art by crafted pedestals to showcase the rustic beauty of this organic art.   

Outdoor Benches

Going for a Myakka ranch or a Wyoming mountain look? How about a Boca Grande island look? We've got your perfect bench, artisan crafted from old carts, wheels and yokes. Many motifs. Useful seating, and can be placed indoors or out.  

Pottery, Ceramics, & Planters 

Our authentic planters range from all different sizes! Huge selection for an inside garden or a tall and narrow piece to use as a work of art or choose a large basin size to create your own mini koi pond!

Outdoor Decor

We carry hundreds of fun and unique items that can withstand the elements while adding character to your home's exterior. From bird houses made with salvaged lumber to outdoor fountains to wind chimes that sound so lovely in the beautiful sea breeze!

Teak Root Furniture 

Woodsy beauty in this natural furniture crafted from the roots left behind after teak trees are harvested. Be inspired by a diversity of styles of furniture crafted from this rugged material. 

Rustic Bars & Bar Stools

Our craftsmen make use of reclaimed fences, wheels, barn wood and old tools to create unique bars and bar stools. Perfect for your man cave or "man lanai".

Outdoor Dining Tables

We carry rustic tables crafted of reclaimed planks, barnwood and fence post legs perfect for outdoor use.  Each one is unique and shows evidence of the prior use of the teak parts, planks and tools.

Outdoor Patio Tables
Looking for rustic teak and lodge style outdoor furniture? We reclaim teak wagon wheels and teak tools and re-construct them into unique industrial furniture.  This dining table is made of an old mortar base and topped with a wheel.